"Once you plant the seeds of success, your tree will bear fierce fruit." -a real actual thing that Tyra Banks said in complete seriousness. #inspirational
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Bianca Golden | Cycle 9 & All-Stars
Photo: Derek Blanks


Bianca Golden | Cycle 9 & All-Stars

Photo: Derek Blanks

Who are you hoping comes back?

I was really rooting for Matthew and Ivy to come back. I thought Ivy was booted WAY too early. I pegged Raelia, Denzel, and Adam to go pretty early, tbh. (From their portfolios/personalities, I mean - from the episode set ups, I’ve gotten pretty good at guessing who’s getting booted based on their air time/who’s sob story the show opens with.) I think Chantelle will come back. I’m not even following the eliminated contestants portfolios, but…idk…I feel like the producers would latch onto Chantelle’s story/”unique beauty”. I wouldn’t be mad if Ben came back though, because he writes really bad songs and I’d love hear more. I don’t think Chantelle can top Ben in the comedy department.

I just read on Wiki that Shei’s real name is Andrea and I feel weird about it.

Anonymous :  have you notice that a lot of the girls that appear first in the intro are runner ups

Yes, I was thinking that marathoned intros! Hahaha Literally half of the intros follow this pattern! I’m curious how the producers pick the order..

Anonymous :  I agree with c10 it should have been Dominique in the last picture cuz it seems like it's the girls with most "attention" like Angelea, Lisa and Allison and Kayla. And I mean all of them were in All star too soooo....

That was what I thought too. I never felt Lauren was really one of the “major” characters of 10, if you will. Though her Italian commercial cracks me up, as does when she stands on a chair and SCREAMS that Dominique is crazy and fails to see the hilarious irony of the situation. Dom is the queen of cycle 10.

I also am LOVING that Tiffany is the last girl shown for cycle 4. “Girls with the most attention” INDEED!


Ivy Timlin | Cycle 21



Ivy Timlin | Cycle 21


Celia showing us what a bad makeover she got on the show!

Celia showing us what a bad makeover she got on the show!

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i’m chronicling first and last models to appear in the opening credits of every cycle, because that’s where i’m at in life.

  1. Shannon, Elyse
  2. Catie, April
  3. Ann, Amanda
  4. Tatianna, Tiffany
  5. Kyle, Lisa
  6. Joanie, Danielle
  7. Melrose, Amanda & Michelle
  8. Natasha, Jaslene
  9. Chantal, Jenah
  10. Anya, Lauren
  11. Lauren Brie, Clark
  12. London, Allison
  13. Courtney, Nicole
  14. Raina, Angelea
  15. Ann, Kayla
  16. Mikaela, Alexandria
  17. Allison, Laura
  18. Laura, Sophie
  19. Kiara… idk. They don’t show names and barely show the models and idk who’s who…
  20. Bianca, Cory
  21. Keith, Lenox

I thought there might be some pattern, specifically regarding the last model they show…it seems like they show “significant characters” last…except for cycle 11 when it’s Clark. And I’d argue Lauren from 10 too. Idk man, this is my Sunday night…


49. The Mystery of the Missing Crystals (Cycle 3 ep. 4)

Some of Amanda’s money and clothing has gone missing, and she has a strong suspicion who did it: Eva. Or as she sings (and dances) accusingly, “A certain bitch, certain bitch, certain bitch.” Then Jennipher hops on the bandwagon, saying, “I can’t figure out what I’m missing exactly, but somebody has it.” So something of Jennipher’s has been stolen, too, she just can’t tell you what. Okay, Jennipher. And so they hatch a plan to catch Eva the (alleged) Thieva in the act. 

At first Amanda wants to put her crystals out as bait, but then decides to leave out some ugly jewelry and money instead. “What’s ten dollars to catch a bitch?” Amanda asks, before championing herself a master “detective”. I’m not sure you can be a private eye without, well, functioning eyes, but it’s always nice to have a backup plan if modeling doesn’t work out.

Meanwhile, Miss Jay stops by to announce that the winner of the previous day’s runway challenge is Eva. Excitedly, she leaps in the air shouting, “In ya tall bitches’ faces!” As her reward, Eva chooses two friends to join her on a yacht excursion: Ann (of course) and Kelle (huh?). Amanda warns Kelle, who is happy that someone has finally been nice to her, not to give Eva any “information”. Yeah, think like a real detective, Kelle.

While Eva irons her outfit for her yacht outing, Amanda discovers that her crystals are missing. As she blindly (hehe) hunts for them, Amanda passes behind where Eva is ironing and there is some minor bumping. Eva demands that Amanda say “excuse me”, but Amanda refuses. The replay clearly shows that it is Eva’s elbow that goes backward and makes contact with Amanda, not the other way around, but Eva wants an apology all the same. “I don’t feel like being excused,” Amanda explains.

From the next room over, Jennipher gets involved by saying, loudly enough for Eva to hear, that she’s happy Eva won the challenge because she’s excited to get “the bitch out of the house for an hour.” Obviously, this dig leads to a heated confrontation. Jennipher doesn’t like the way Eva celebrated her challenge victory by shoving it in the faces of “skinny bitches”. “I didn’t say ‘skinny’, I said ‘tall’,” Eva defends, as if that word were the true point of contention. Also, the camera needlessly cuts to a shot of Toccara as if to remind us that they aren’t all skinny bitches anyway. Jennipher and Eva bicker irrelevantly for a while more, culminating in Eva defending her own right to be cute.

At some point, Ann’s lesbian lust for Eva provokes her to leap to Eva’s defense. Tired of listening to Ann, Jennipher shoves Ann out of the way. Again, no one says excuse me, though Ann threatens to beat up Jennipher. “I may be skinny, but I can punch, and I can knock your ass out,” she asserts. The funniest part may be that in the background throughout all of this, Kelle can be seen buzzing about, asking to borrow various people’s sunglasses no fewer than three times, as if the other women around her aren’t threatening physical violence.

I know what you’re thinking: all of this drama is interesting, but what about Amanda’s crystals? She still can’t find them and is very upset because they are “the things that mean the most” to her (says the mother of a child) and they “take away [her] negativity”. In that case, she’s probably been missing them for a while.

The shove from earlier leads to another confrontation between Eva and Jennipher, in which Eva drops the classic line, “First of all, I didn’t even know you were a bitch.” Kelle, who has somehow managed to secure herself a pair of sunglasses, finally says, “I’m sorry, but we really don’t have time to talk, we have a yacht to catch.” Love it! Put the accidental bumping, shoving, and missing crystals aside, because yachts are like fashion in that they both wait for no one.

In the ultimate act of criminal mastermind-edness, Eva the Thieva takes Amanda’s crystals and dumps them off the side of the yacht to hide the evidence. No, I made that part up… you see, Eva never had the crystals. As it turns out, Amanda has them in her possession the whole time. As she explains, she “hid them so they wouldn’t get stolen” and then forgot. Looks like Amanda’s brain is deteriorating even faster than her eyes. And this is why a blind girl shouldn’t leap to accusations when she can’t locate her stuff.